The Amish handcraft the finest quality woven wicker picnic baskets available anywhere.

Here’s what that means for you:

  1. Own an heirloom quality wicker picnic basket to be passed down for generations.
  2. You help keep old-world crafts alive for your children and grandchildren.
  3. Plus, If your picnic basket ever needs repair we’ll fix it for you at no charge.

Wouldn't you rather buy one high end picnic basket that’s hand-crafted in the USA and will last forever than a cheap picnic basket you’ll have to replace again, and again, and again?

The Best Picnic Baskets...

Crafting the best picnic baskets has been a deeply held custom for the Amish for centuries. Their commitment to craftsmanship is a result of a one-of-a-kind artisanship that has been handed down by the Amish for generations.

Small Picnic Basket (For Couples & Kids)

This personal picnic basket is perfect for romantic getaways for 2 or can be used as a children's picnic basket to take along on the kid’s outdoor adventures.

Small Wicker Picnic Basket

Provides a roomy area to stow away all your picnic goodies so they will stay secure while you travel to your favorite picnic spot. Also, a great way to take items to potlucks and family picnics.


Traditional Picnic Baskets (For Couples & Small Families)

From visiting your favorite picnic spot to taking your homemade goodies to your next potluck dinner, these old fashioned picnic baskets will become your go-to companions anytime you need to travel with food.

Traditional Picnic Basket

Provides a roomy area to stow away all your picnic goodies so they will stay secure while you travel to your favorite picnic spot.


Medium Wicker Picnic Basket

This wonderfully-convenient sized picnic basket is perfect for carrying your needed supplies to nearly any activity or event.


Large Picnic Baskets (Perfect For Families)

These premium quality, wicker picnic baskets are just right for the entire family. These large, family-sized picnic baskets are crafted in the durable, woven wooden style that the faith-filled Amish families have been famous for creating over two centuries.

Large Picnic Basket

If you’re looking for a large, top-of-the-line picnic basket, you’ll love this one. This heavy-duty, Amish handmade, large picnic hamper basket is the ultimate in durability and versatility.


Large Vintage Picnic Basket

Taking along this big portable wicker picnic basket will allow you to deliver your goodies to your picnic or party event in style.


Large Classic Picnic Basket

This large sized Amish wicker picnic basket tote provides plenty of room to carry nearly any needed supplies on your next family adventure.


Extra Large Picnic Basket (For 6 or More People)

When the entire crew is going on your outdoor adventure and they all need to be fed… You can count on this extra large Amish woven wooden picnic basket to take care of storing away all your needed goodies.

Extra-Large Picnic Basket

Does it feel like you have an entire team to feed on your picnics? This giant wicker picnic basket with lid is up to the test for even the biggest picnicking adventures.


Picnic Basket Set Options Available!

Our optional, heavy-duty picnic basket utensil sets are available in 2 person, 4 person, 6 person and 8 person sets. When you add an optional picnic basket set to any of the wicker picnic baskets shown below, you will receive a kitchen-quality set of eating utensils built right into your picnic basket. Each utensil set comes with durable, 9” molded melamine plates, full sized 12 oz. drinking glasses and complete sets of metal silverware including butter knives, forks and spoons. The silverware sets come with their own heavy cloth holder for convenience. To add the optional Picnic Basket Serving Sets simply click on the checkbox under “Picnic Serving Sets” and select the number of people you wish to serve in the drop-down menu.

Picnic Basket Sets for 2-4 People

For your trips with two to four people you can add an optional picnic utensil set for up to 4 people in our traditional wicker picnic basket.


Picnic Basket Sets for 4-6 People

When you know the entire family will be hungry... This large picnic basket can be ordered with an optional picnic set for up to 6 people.


Picnic Basket Sets for 6-8 People

If you need to pack for a large group... This is the largest picnic basket available and can be ordered with an optional picnic set for up to 6 or even 8 people!