If autumn brings your favorite colors... The warmth and beauty of Amish handcrafted baskets are sure to become centerpieces in your fall decorating.

The leaves are falling outside so it’s time to get cozy inside with pumpkin spice and everything nice including the rustic, farmhouse style you’ll find in our Amish home decorations. Let the bounty of the harvest season fill your heart and your home with thanks and giving as you bless your home and family with handcrafted decor from Amish country.

Fruit Display & Storage Basket

If you’re like us and you love fall most of all, you will also love this handy storage and display basket to keep your goodies in. From Halloween candy to baked goods to fruits or vegetables, you will want to keep this basket handy and in a prominent place in your kitchen or in any room you may need to add a unique storage basket or fall decoration.

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Coffee Table Tray

As the pumpkin-spice-latte weather approaches you will love the charm and functionality of this decorative and functional serving tray. This vintage coffee table or ottoman tray comes with a solid wood bottom to provide a level and secure surface for carrying, storing, or displaying nearly anything from drinking glasses to displaying vases and statuettes.

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Vintage Amish Breadbox

Each autumn brings with it the promise of home and family and as your family gathers around your kitchen, they are sure to admire this rustic Amish breadbox. This unique and decorative bread storage box is big enough to hold loaves of bread or other baked goods and could also be a great place to store dry goods or vegetables on your kitchen counter.

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Magazine & Hearth Basket

As you welcome the fall breeze and autumn leaves, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty and warmth this large magazine or fireplace hearth basket will bring to your home. You will find hundreds of uses for this multi-purpose storage basket. Not only does it make a great magazine and newspaper storage basket, but it can also double as a fireside basket on your hearth.

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Narrow Floor Magazine

Here’s our "Pick of The Patch" when it comes to storing magazines and newspapers in your home. The narrow design of this basket means you can tuck it away anywhere to add a very detailed decorating look in any room. This highly versatile magazine basket could even be used as a wastebasket in a bathroom or next to an office desk.

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Sewing Basket with Stand

So long summer and hello fall. The time comes each year to put away the outdoor and gardening tools and dust off your sewing and knitting supplies to settle into the warmth of the indoors. This cute sewing or knitting basket comes complete with a removable stand that you can set this basket on top of to keep the basket at a perfectly convenient height.

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Large Wall Hanging Basket

Each fall reminds us how grateful we are for friends and family and this wall hanging mail basket can help keep your correspondences with friends and family neat and organized. This basket comes complete with a leather loop hanging strap so it’s easy to hang anywhere in your home. You are sure to find hundreds of decorative uses for this versatile basket.

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Toilet Tank Topper

It’s not Hocus Pocus but this toilet topper can hide your extra toilet tissues and add a handy facial tissue dispenser in your bathroom at the same time. This cute bathroom basket is crafted to sit neatly on top of your toilet tank and will hold two large rolls of toilet tissue and the opening in the top is designed to dispense tissues from a square box of facial tissues.

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12" Trash Can

As summer crumples into fall, you can update your decor and add a great place to toss your crumpled papers and other trash. This waste paper basket is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, office or anywhere you need a trash can. This attractive trash basket will look great in any farmhouse, rustic, southwest, western, or country decor.

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Medium Market & Garden Basket

Autumn days are here again and that means the bountiful harvest is ready to be displayed in your home and kitchen. This harvest basket is a wonderful addition for your basket collection. From gathering vegetables and produce in the garden, to cutting and gathering flowers, to storing items in your home or going to the market, this basket is perfect.

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Woven Dog Beds

As you gather together and get cozy during this fall and winter, don’t forget your four-legged family members. Our furniture-quality dog beds allow you to keep your pet feeling comfortable and loved as they enjoy all your family activities just like they are part of the family. Each of our woven wood pet beds are sure to become a decor showpiece in any room.

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Recipe Card Box

Fall is the time to enjoy the splendor of autumn skies and pumpkin pies... And, to break out those special recipes that your family loves every fall. This woven recipe box will keep your treasured recipes in one convenient location and is sure to become a precious family keepsake. The hinged lid even includes a handy ledge so you can display your recipe card while cooking.

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Large Table Centerpiece

Grateful. Thankful. Blessed. That is how your home will look when you add this large centerpiece to your table or mantle. This rustic centerpiece is sure to inspire the most unforgettable table decorating ideas that will perfectly accent your home decor no matter what the season. This large centerpiece measures a generous 27" in length and 7" wide.

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Stair Organizer Basket

If you fall for autumn leaves, apple cider, pumpkin pie, and hayrides, you’re sure to fall in love with this unique stair organizer. De-clutter your stairs and add a unique and distinctive look to your home. This step organizer is the perfect place to stow away items that need to be taken upstairs until you are ready to move them. Designed to fit on standard staircases.

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