Amish Wicker Tank Topper Toilet Storage & Organizing Basket

Crafted by the Gingerich Family

Measures: 16” x 7” x 6 1/2” tall

Choose Trim Color: Plain
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This cute decorative Amish bathroom organizational toilet tank topper basket is crafted to sit neatly on top of your toilet tank. This bathroom organizer keeps tissues and other bathroom items right where you need them. The wicker toilet tank basket compartment will hold 2 large rolls of toilet tissue and the oval opening in the top is designed to dispense a square box of facial tissues. You can also use this tank topper basket to store cosmetics, soaps and other toiletries. This wicker toilet tank basket comes with a lid to hide anything you put inside so it also makes a great place to keep extra washcloths or other small towels close at hand. Handwoven in an Amish community in the Heartland of the USA and signed by the Amish Crafter.

Measures: 16” x 7” x 6 1/2” tall

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